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If you are planning to escape, go to Moulay Idriss

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When you live in a country, many good or bad things can happen, and if you are visiting that country this is a situation that you will have to deal with. I know for some tourists that sometime they really enjoy being in one place but suddenly this can be overwhelming for many reasons; maybe there are many people, or the city was not what they were looking for among other things. If you are planning Tours from Casablanca or any other tour, chances of escaping to another city can be limited but there are always going to be cities that are near and are perfect for an escape for at least four hours. Those cities are not well known and people barely know their names, so what make them special? The tranquility and relaxing atmosphere you can get here, and also a place you can also call home, and I am talking about Moulay Idriss.


For people who are doing the Tours from Casablanca and enjoying this imperial and fashionable city let me tell you something: there is something more that it is waiting for you when you get tired, and this is definitely Moulay Idriss. First of all, the name comes from Idriss, the man who brought Islam to Morocco an important character and you are thinking right, this is a holy city that you need to visit as soon as possible. Here, many people feel safe and also protected, this is a great place to go if you are looking for an escape.

This is a great place to spend holidays and if you are enjoying your Trips of Morocco with your friends it will be much better as you will be in a place that you can call home. Moreover, you do not need to be Muslim to be here, this is a place in which you can connect with local traditions and Moroccan culture and I think this is what it makes this place special. Muslims will be delighted to have you here and share their cultures with you, you just need to be open minded.

This place does not have big attractions to see but there is an important and interesting place you can visit on your free time, the Haroune Aqueduct. It is near to Moulay Idriss and also Volubilis. It is considered a monument but actually it is a little aqueduct. Some maintenance will be perfect for this place as locals do not take care of it and there is trash in the creek. You can go for a walk and enjoy this beautiful and curious place that will make you travel in time.

If you are looking for great food, there are some restaurants I can recommend you. One of them is Dar Zerhoune. You can enjoy a great view, good service and delicious food. For this town that does not offer a lot of things, this restaurant is appropriate if you want to taste great Moroccan food. Another great restaurant is Scorpion food, and sometimes it is difficult to find this restaurant. It is located in one of the Moulay Idriss hills and sometimes you will struggle to find this restaurant, but when you finally get here you will not feel disappointed. Thanks for its location you will be able to see some holy places of this town while you taste memorable food, I recommend you to try the sardines, they are delicious also, people who work here are attentive and kind so this makes this experience even great, so do not miss the chance and come this restaurant!

Purchase Coats And Get Chill Protection

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